“Smart Meters” new wave to cut costs says PERI Software Solutions Inc.

Pines Manaor, Edison, NJ –PERI Software Solutions Inc. unveiled its “Smart Meters” at a conference of  The New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners.

The 12th Annual Expo and conference attracted major corporations and government agencies that are committed to buying products and services from businesses owned by women, minorities and disabled veterans.

PERI Software, based in Newark, NJ with newly opened offices in Los Angeles, CA, is the top minority owned business solutions company in its industry of smart grid technology.  PERI’s work with global companies and utilities worldwide and plans to release several new technology products and services in the U.S.

“The event allowed us to have a one-on-one dialogue with many of the major corporations and government agencies that need our products and services to cut company and agency costs in this economic recovery,” said President & CEO Sarav Periasamy.  “We met with buyers from major corporations and government agencies  and attended some very meaningful workshops, too. ”

The Conference also offered resources and techniques to help minority-owned business grow and enhance their business.

The smart meters are one component of PERI’s full end-to-end smart grid solutions. This smart grid solution has been use and is currently running in a 3,000 meter pilot program with a large electric utility in South Asia.

PERI was represented at the EXPO by Perwez Mohamed, vice president, PERI Marketing and Vice President Peter Wiersma of PERI’s Business Development.

Mohamed and Wiersma spoke with representatives of several major utilities at the EXPO who “showed a strong interest in PERI’s smart grid technology,” they said.

Peter Wiersma display “Smart Meters”
at New Jersey Expo.

PERI is the only small minority owned business to in the United States  in the smart grid business segment.

About PERI Software Solutions Inc.

PERI was founded in 1999,  and is a globaal  business solutions company, which has grown to more than 700+ employees worldwide.  PERI delivers high value-cost effective technology-based business solutions. It draws on a deep industry expxertise and PERI has a portfolio of interrelated, business consulting, business processes, application development along with smart-intelligent hardware and software products.  PERI also blends strategic design, proven  technology, and timely delivery of business solutions that maximize customer return on IT investment.

For more visit: www.PERIsoftware.com.


(The New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners)

NJAWBO is the oldest statewide women business owners’ organization in the United States. Its primary objective is to support and encourage business ownership by women. Since 1978, NJAWBO has helped women achieve their business visions by providing them with the tools to develop and grow their enterprises.

Networking, partnering, leadership, education and political advocacy are the hallmarks of the NJAWBO experience. As of today, NJAWBO has grown to almost a thousand members, organized in twelve chapters, and three regional groupings, with members serving as officers at the chapter, regional and state levels. Together, we are a diverse, dynamic, and powerful group of women business owners.

With the slowly increasing opportunities for women, ups and downs of the economy, fast-paced changes in technology and unique challenges women business owners face today, our mission to encourage women’s economic independence through business ownership, is more important than ever before.

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