Earth, Wind & Fire’s Larry Dunn to jam with Jazz Giants Jon Barnes and Theresa King at the Catalina Club, Hollywood

Music Master Jon Barnes to rock the house with Earth, Wind and Fire’s
Larry Dunn and Theresa King at the Catalina Jazz Club Oct. 1.

Earth, Wind and Fire’s Keyboardist Larry Dunn to perform
at the Catalina Club, Tuesday night, Oct. 1 with Jon Barnes and
Jazz Singer Theresa King.
Jon Barnes, who played with Arturo Sandoval and Kool and the Gang’s former lead Singer Skip Martin at the club and on tour in Europe returns Tuesday night for a one night blast of Jazz music
Hollywood, CA – Jazz Giant Jon Barnes teams up with Earth, Wind and Fire’s Keyboardist Larry Dunn Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2013, Catalina Jazz Club. Tickets are $25. Barnes will also take the stage with smooth Jazz Singer Theresa King for a one night performance at the legendary music venue.
Barnes recently performed at the Catalina Jazz Club (Aug. 2-3) with Arturo Sandoval and Skip Martin (Kool and The Gang former lead singer).The jazz trio performed at the daCarbo Jazz Festival this summer  The European tour was also filmed as a possible upcoming documentary.


Jon Barnes with Arturo Sandoval (right) at the Catalina Club.
“I’m excited and living a dream to have the chance to play with such talented jazz and hit music masters as Sandoval, Martin and Theresa. And now from Kool and the Gang fame, I’m teaming up with the legendary Earth, Wind and Fire’s keyboard man Larry Dunn, so it don’t get any better,” he said.
Barnes recently produced and performed music on the new album, the first in 12 years by Earth, Wind and Fire entitled, “Now, Then and Forever.”
“>Jon Barnes composes music and performs on Earth, Wind
and Fire’s latest album, Now, Then & Forever.

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Green Lantern gets good reviews by comic book fans – Martin Campbell’s 3-D movie a hit so far

Green Lantern grossed $21.6 million at the box office opening night (Friday): According to early figures online, the comic book-superhero was less than anticipated, but had a lot of competition. By comparison, Thor, the last comic superhero movie hit near $26 million on its opening night in May.

an image of Blake Lively at Green Lantern Premiere talking to media

Blake Lively at Green Lantern Premiere

The media, especially the LA Times reviews (three articles on Friday) were brutal. Those reviews and a few others will not help the weekend gross receipts expected to be around $55 million.

It is a fun movie, not dark like some DC Comic Book films have been in the past. In fact you can take your children to this one. It has more going on than Spiderman, at least in what I experienced.

I predict when it goes global and plays in Europe and Japan, it will prove the media was wrong,  again about this movie that cost around $200 million to make with Martin Campbell at the helm. I think the PG-13 film will do well, and I give it two thumbs up.

Mr. Popper’s Penguins was not even a close second with around $6.4 million. That’s about what Jim Carrey’s comedy movie made three years ago with Yes Man. And it also tells you about the economy and how people are waiting for it to come to DVD, or just can’t afford to go to the movies all of the time. If you missed the premiere in Hollywood, enjoy these images below. You will not find them anywhere else.

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Enjoy the exclusive photos above on premiere night in Hollywood with Martin Campbell and his wife Actress Sol Romero, Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and others. Please feel free to comment on what you thought of the movie Green Lantern, thx.

Green Lantern Director Martin Campbell signs posters for fans at premiere in Hollywood.

Green Lantern Director Martin Campbell signs posters for fans at premiere in Hollywood.

The Golden Economist of SoCal – Jack Kyser Dead at 76 – April 1934 – 2010


Los Angeles, CA – I received a call early today (Monday, Dec. 06, 2010), from a mutual long time friend, Wally Baker, who called me about the Legendary Chief Economist Jack Kyser. Wally had to tell me twice that Jack had passed away over the weekend.

Jack Kyser understood the media, he was always available, he never missed deadlines, and the media loved him because he would put complicated economic news and statistics in layman’s terms.

“For more than 10 years we proudly worked with Kyser while he worked at LAEDC coordinating all the media relations and media placement. He was great friend and he will be dearly missed by all.”   George Mc Quade, vice president, MAYO Communications.

Jack had missed a luncheon appointment, no phones were returned and newspapers were piling up outside his home, so Wally called 9-11, and firefighters went through a window and found him tucked in bed.

Jack Kyser was chief economist at the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) for a long time (20 yrs.), and MAYO Communications has been the PR Agency of Record for LAEDC and Jack Kyser for the last decade, before he retired.
It was also my last photo of Jack Kyser (left). Also
picture Nancy Sidhu and my self George Mc Quade.
Jack Kyser, the former chief economist at the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp. and an oft-quoted expert on the financial health of theSoCal Economy.
He retired from LAEDC and moved over to Southern California Assn. of Governments (SCAG) as chief economic advisor for the largest planning agency in the country, with 190 cities, a half dozen counties and more than 19 million residents.  SCAG issued a statement in the morning. SCAG Co. Statement (more)
For two decades Kyser, the chief economist at LAEDC was the go-to-expert on business, economy and anything that might have an economic impact. I will never forget two times that Jack really suprised us.
The most recent is when LA Opinion called and asked if Jack Kyser could provide the economic impact of motorists stuck on the freeway for four hours (710 Freeway) during a bomb scare. Yes, he did.
And three weeks before going to war in Iraq (the first war in 2003) Jack Kyser called me, and he was all excited about his new economic forecast and wanted to give me the highlights to pitch to the media. He was really good at summarizing 85 study pages into headlines, too. I had to break the news to him that unless it had anything to do with the “war” it would be hard to pique the media’s interest. We brainstormed for 10 minutes more, then a light went off in my head.

I said, “Jack, can you do an economic impact of going to war?” He replied, “Yes, you want me to include that in the forecast?” And when he did, I changed the entire campaign theme and coined the phrase, “2003-2004 LAEDC Economic Warcast.” The campaign resulted in another set of record media placement results.

During the 10 day lockout LAEDC and Jack Kyser, and MAYO Communications were the only ones talking to the media, providing economic impacts on the state and US of the busiest ports in the nation closed for a 10-Lockout or labor dispute. Kyser came up with $2 billion statewide, and $5 billion nationwide. The LAEDC story carried in every newspaper in the country over 19 days.
And in late Summer of 2008, The media bombarded us with calls regarding the economic impact of the Writers Guild of America (WGA) Strike. Roll forward three months = 85 million media impressions, dozens of interviews daily and Jack Kyser came up with a newsworthy figure of $2 billion economic impact.
In December, 2009 Jack Kyser was the last to use the “R” word , but when he did everyone knew we were in a recession, especially from the data he pruned and how he read everything showing the economic indicators.
For some 20 years as chief economist with the LAEDC, he was the go-to person for the media, business movers and shakers and elected officials who needed information and or real analysis of the local economy. Kyser appeared to often have a crystal ball on the economy, where no one else came close. Even the Wall Street Journal said Jack Kyser was, “one of the most accurate economists.” 

Aida Mayo (left) with her sister at a Beverly Hills
Charity event for breast cancer awareness.

Aida Mayo, the president of MAYO Communications loved him, because Jack Kyser would call us and diguise his voice speaking Spanish when she answered the phone. Not everyone knew he spoke Spanish, either.

“Jack Kyser would always joke on the phone pretending to be someone else speaking in Spanish when I answered the phone, because I’m from Argentina, but I would always catch him red handed, because I knew his voice. Kyser was always the voice of SoCal’s economy, too, and we will all miss him a lot,” Aida Mayo, president, MAYO Communications, Los Angeles, CA.  Memorial services are pending for Jack Kyser. 


Comment from the Chair Maura O’ Connor, of  LAEDC  Board of Directors.

The members of the LAEDC mourn the passing of our founding economist and our good friend. His passing is a loss personally, for the LAEDC, and for Southern California. 

He was a great teacher of practical economics. He called trends long before others saw them coming, as the “guru of the Southern California economy”.

Jack cared deeply about Southern California. He was our champion: a strong advocate for doing economically rational things to promote the region’s businesses and jobs.
While at the LAEDC, he helped us understand the local economy. As importantly, he helped us promote the LAEDC’s ultimate goal: to make sure everyone who wants or needs a job can get one.

Jack was kind as well as intelligent: a gentleman who treated everyone he met as important.
We miss him.Best regards, 

Maura O’Connor
Chairman, Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation
Partner, Seyfarth Shaw LLP

Memorial Services are pending.
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Los Angeles Business Journal – Howard Fine – ‎Dec 6, 2010‎

Jack Kyser, former chief economist for the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp., in a 2009 photo. By Howard Fine Jack Kyser, the longtime “guru” of 

Economist Jack Kyser Dies

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DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES – Jack Kyser, the Downtown-based economist who for decades was extensively quoted by local and 

Jack Kyser, Every L.A. Reporter’s Favorite Economist, Dies

LA Weekly (blog) – Gene Maddaus – ‎Dec 6, 2010‎

6 2010 @ 4:54PM ​Jack Kyser, the founding economist of the LA Economic Development Corp., has died, according to a story on the Times’ website. 

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Also, some words about Jack Kyser. Available at and podcast (Business Update with Mark Lacter). Transcript is after jump. Steve Julian: On Tuesdays 

Noted Southland economist Jack Kyser dies

Los Angeles Daily News – Dana BartholomewKevin Modesti – ‎Dec 7, 2010‎

Jack Kyser, longtime chief economist at the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation. 

Top LA Economist Jack Kyser

KTLA – ‎Dec 7, 2010‎

LOS ANGELES — Jack Kyser, the well-respected Los Angeles economists who spoke as an expert on Southern California’s economy to media around the world, 

Leading California Economist Jack Kyser Dies

NBC Los Angeles – ‎Dec 6, 2010‎

Jack Kyser, the former chief economist at the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp. and an oft-quoted expert on the financial health of the 

John A. ‘Jack’ Kyser, expert on LA economy, dies at 76

Los Angeles Times – Roger VincentHugo Martin – ‎Dec 7, 2010‎

Although he lacked formal training as an economist, his street-level knowledge of the local economy helped make him a confidant to the powerful. 

Jack Kyser, LA-Area Economics Expert, Dies at 76

ABC News – Andrew Dalton – ‎Dec 6, 2010‎

AP By ANDREW DALTON AP Economist Jack Kyser was the go-to expert on the business of Southern California for reporters who knew he would give them the 

Honor Kyser by making his proposals reality

Pasadena Star-News – Cynthia Kurtz – ‎Dec 8, 2010‎

I was just finishing my column for this week about how important manufacturing is to the SGV job base and describing some recommendations 

“For over 30 years, Jack Kyser served as the chief economist for Los Angeles County, shaping economic policy and spurring development and job creation,” Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said in a statement. 

more by Antonio Villaraigosa – Dec 6, 2010 – ABC News(95 occurrences)

Business Update on KPCC

LA Observed – ‎Dec 7, 2010‎

This morning’s chat with KPCC’s Steve Julian looks at how the California economy, eighth largest in the world if it were its own country, remains potent, 

Dean of SoCal economists dies

OCRegister – Mary Ann Milbourn – ‎Dec 7, 2010‎

Jack Kyser, the dean of economists for the Los Angeles region, has died at the age of 76, the Los Angeles Times reports. 

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Jack Kyser, Every L.A. Reporter’s Favorite Economist, Dies

LA Weekly (blog) – Gene Maddaus – ‎Dec 6, 2010‎

​Jack Kyser, the founding economist of the LA Economic Development Corp., has died, according to a story on the 

Goodbye Jack Kyser

89.3 KPCC (blog) – Kitty Felde – ‎Dec 6, 2010‎

I could complain about the 30 degree weather and the 40 mph winds tonight. Or get depressed when I read a Christmas card about seeing snow on the San 

RIP Jack Kyser, LAEDC Founding Economist (blog) – Maura O’Connor – ‎Dec 7, 2010‎

By Maura O’Connor Membership is FREE and provides access to a world of timely information, expert insight and analysis, and an unparalleled array of 

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United States

Economist Kyser dies at 76

Redlands Daily Facts – Kevin SmithRyan Carter – ‎Dec 6, 2010‎

Jack Kyser, a Southern California economist who rose to become a leading authority on the region and its economic complexities, has died. He was 76. 

Economist Jack Kyser Dies

LA Downtown News Online – Jon Regardie – ‎Dec 6, 2010‎

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES – Jack Kyser, the Downtown-based economist who for decades was extensively quoted by local and 

Jack Kyser Passes Away – ‎Dec 6, 2010‎

Via the City Maven: “Longtime Southern California economist Jack Kyser has died at the age of 76. His passing was confirmed by the head of the Los Angeles 

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Los Angeles, CA

Top LA Economist Jack Kyser

KTLA – ‎Dec 7, 2010‎

LOS ANGELES — Jack Kyser, the well-respected Los Angeles economists who spoke as an expert on Southern California’s economy to media around the world, 

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Bell Gardens Sun – 11 hours ago

By EGP News Report Jack Kyser, the former chief economist at the Los Angeles County  Kyser retired from LAEDC over the summer, and was serving as a chief 

Economist Jack Kyser dies at 76‎ – Highland Community News (subscription)
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Bell Gardens Sun



Pasadena Star-News – Cynthia Kurtz – 1 day ago

Jack Kyser had died. I’ll finish the other column soon.  of us looked forward to his presentations at the LAEDC on the third Wednesday of each month. 

Jack Kyser, LA-Area Economics Expert, Dies at 76‎ – ABC News
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Los Angeles Times



La Opinión – 2 days ago

Jack Kyser, uno de los análistas económicos más respetados del Sur de  años en la Corporación de Desarrollo Económico del Condado de Los Ángeles (LAEDC). 

“How to get published” in Los Angeles Times Entertainment -Calendar, The Envelope and more at media workshop for publicists

Hollywood, CA – “She was a tough lady, but will always be remembered as one who was very protective of her clients as we should be,” said EPPS President Henri Bollinger, who had talked to the slain longtime Publicist Ronni Chasen the day before she was gunned down in Beverly Hill, Ca.

The Publicist was driving home on Sunset Blvd. from an after-party and the premiere of Cher’s new movie “Burlesque.” Detectives said they believed it was a deliberate hit, when they discovered the publicist in her black Mercedes sedan, which was wrapped around a light pole.  Chasen had suffered five gunshot wounds to the chest according to police.

“I was so traumatized that I realized that I was still only worried about an answer on a project, when a friend called and told me of her tragedy,” said Bollinger.

“It was then I realize that we need to live for the day, and you can not always be concerned over what you believe is important or a benefit to me. It took the better part of the day to reconcile,” he said.

Bollinger offered a moment of silence at the LA Times Entertainment Editors media workshop, immediately following his remarks at the ICG Local 600 Union Auditorium, Hollywood, CA. (Nov. 18, 2010).
Lisa Fung, LAT
The consensus in contacting editors or pitching a story and the best advice comes from Panelist Lisa Fung, Online Arts and Entertainment Editor, LA Times.
“Just forget that you have a phone, so email me your pitch and I will get back to you as soon as possible that’s the best way for me to get back to you. I just received 80 emails sitting here.”
Fung says social media brings tons of traffic to the LA Times website and blogs.
The last time I checked LAT Twitter had 93,000+ followers, too.
Online Arts and Entertainment Editor Lisa Fung says the best way to pitch everyone is by email.  During the meeting she noted that 80 emails had just come in, and she was deleting many in her inbox while
listening to other panelists.
She currently oversees round-the-clock multimedia coverage of all arts and entertainment, including Calendar. The Envelope, Company, Town and more than a dozen blogs. To Reach her email:
One of the pet peaves of editors is sending multiple email pitches, which could be the kiss of death. Randall Roberts reminded everyone about the email overload.
Randall Roberts, pop music editor, LA Times said,” he relies on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc where there are a lot of thoughtful people who share stories, trends and ideas.”
Randall Roberts, LA Times


Roberts also echoed earlier comments that social media drives traffic, and influences his decisions on story assignments. Often Robert says, he gets a lot of people who care about what he writes, and trend stories often pop up on Twitter and Facebook.

Roberts currently oversees all of the rock, pop, hip hop, electronic, world music, soundtrack and country coverage – basically everything except jazz and classical.
Before coming to the LA Times, Roberts served as music editor at LA Weekly. To reach him email is best
Joy Press, Pop Culture & Deputy Television editor also told Entertainment Publicists to “keep your pitches short as “we are working on both print and Online versions of the Times.”
Pop Culture & Deputy Television Editor Joy Press also prefers email pitches from publicists. Press says they are always looking for good trend stories.

Press, before arriving at the Times, she was the culture editor at, where she oversaw the entertainment, books and lifestyle sections and blogs.

She has written widely about TV, movies, music and all facets of popular culture.


The Los Angeles Times Entertainment has several sections of the newspaper:  MOVIES TVMUSIC CELEBRITY ARTS & CULTURE COMPANY TOWN CALENDAR ENVELOPE BOOKS
Elena Howe, The Envelope Editor says she does not Tweet and does Faceboook “only with friends,” however she says “it will be her new goal to do it by the end of next year.”
Howe also says The Envelope does not take client photos or handouts, but rather relies heavily
on the wire image news services.
Howe chronicles the highs and lows of the Hollywood award season as the editor of The Envelope.
Elena Howe,
The Envelope Editor
She was previously an assistant editor for SoCal Living at the Times and has previously served as LIfestyle and news editor at several California publications. (
Howe also prefers email pitches on all stories.
The Envelope offers complete coverage of the Academy Awards, Oscar nominations, Golden Globes, Grammys, Emmys, red carpet fashion, news, celebrity gossip and more.
Be sure to check out the images of the event on FACEBOOK @
and subscribe to this blog for future posts in your email. thx.
Sally Hofsmeiseter was the editor last year when The LA Times had The Envelope Launch kick-off party, October 2009.
The Winter and Summer EPPS mixer events are free to anyone interested.
Nikki Pesusich,
CFO, Coterie Public Relations
@EPPS LAT media workshop

Anyone reading this blog can contact us to learn more about EPPS and how to join, or be our guest at the next media workshop.

Nikki Pesusich, CFO, Coterie Public Relations @EPPS LAT media workshop, who won the EPPS door prize 2010 O’Dwyer PR directory (top 2,000 PR firms in USA) @, Manhattan, NY.

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For information about EPPS
For entertainment publicity contact George Mc Quade
past president, EPPS, board member about this story.
or or call 818-340-5300.
Mc Quade is also the West Coast Bureau Chief
Google on insider tips on media and behind the
scenes of public relations and entertainment pubicity.

Electronic Press Kits (EPKs) – All you’ll ever need to know for movie marketing, music marketing & Book Authors

EPK Experts

The Digital Age Makes EPKsAffordable

An electronic press kit (EPK), the electronic form of traditional press kits used by writers and reporters have become more affordable, but you need to follow protocol and the rules of engagement according to an expert panel at a recent (12-10-09) Entertainment Publicists Professional Society (EPPS) media workshop sponsored by the International Cinematographers (ICG) Union Local 600 in Hollywood.

On-Demand and Online cost sharing has brought the prices down. “The costs really depends upon the distributor and what they’re resources are as they can run from a couple of thousand dollars to 100-Thousand said,” David Naylor, president, The DVD Group, LA.

“The notification of movie distribution comes partly from studios, EPK vendor and the publicists themselves. It is more profitable to have everything in one group getting a better bang for your buck,” he said.

“There’s more outlets out there and if you are hiring the right people, where an author and book tour, they are shooting the stuff that people are going want to see and outlets are going to play.”
Naylor talks about what goes into an electronic press kit.

An EPK takes the form of a CD or DVD, an e-mail, an e-mail, or a flash-drive

In the 80’s and 90’s it was expensive and satellite feeds didn’t work too good. Today instead of putting a postcard with a hard copy of the video many are upload to a server.

Reba Merrill

“My first movie ‘Cujo’ (1983 thriller movie that freightened dog owners) one piece Warner Bros costs $25,000,” said Reba Merrill, Reba Merrill Associates, Inc., an Emmy award-inning producer and Cable ACE nominee. Three movies she worked on in in the old days earned her, “$130,000,” a profit of $13,000. “It was mass appeal, I did four pieces and I got $40,000,” she said. Merrill says what has changed is the distribution and formats thanks to the digital age. Snail mail with postage cards and video tapes have been replaced Online marketing and servers.

The panelists agree that for the web it should be around 1-3 minutes, otherwise 1-5 minute pieces that highlight the very specific part of the film, whether it’s talking to the director, or about a very big stunt of the day, or certain action in the film. “You know there are social networks that have groups that deal more with various aspects of it,” said Dovlin. “I just did a mixed martial arts film, and most of my marketing and outreach to getting it to these sites people never heard of.”

“If I’m working with someone who’s got a literary property and they’re trying to promote the author and the book we’re working in concert with a notification and distribution teams to promote both,” said Rod Dovlin, The Cannery. “You are working with who’s ever hiring you to do the EPK and studio publishing house, and building the budget is really where the ground work comes in.”  

Different strokes for different folks

“Obviously everyone still loves to see their properties end up on big syndicate TV shows like Extra, Access and Entertainment Tonight (ET),” said Dovlin. “But for certain people I’ve worked, like one of the world’s largest video game manufacturer, and they put out a skateboarding video, they’re not as concerned about getting their skateboarding video on ET as they getting it on ESPN or getting X Games opposite of ESPN.”

It’s getting the right EPK length and out to the right people

EPPS EPK Experts

“I think the more you try to push and deliver goods that really look like you’re trying to really push that movie can be rejected,” said Mark Herzog, president/CEO, Product Entertainment, Inc. “Just get word of mouth spread is what you really want out of social networking.”

The evolution of TV network broadcasts to cable and Online changes playground –The Digital Age Impacts Distribution

The verdict is still out of format changes behind the scenes, too. “I’m more concerned about getting the best footage I can for an EPK,” said Brian Dzyak, EPK Cameraman and author of “What I Really Want To Do On Set In Hollywood,” a guide to every real job in the film industry. “I’m still using HD cameras and mixing managing media on the set, which isn’t the best method, but the bigger challenge is managing the media afterwards,” said Dzyak.

Dzyak says sometimes movie directors will get away with having an assistant shoot some scenes in HD, but you can spot them a mile away.  

Craig Boyd

“Media management on the set can be a  real problem, because sometimes the  cameras used are better quality than the movie cameras,” said Producer Craig Byrd, Mobscene Creative + Productions. “The idea for us is to shoot the best possible quality that we can. “If the EPKJ was shot on standard def (definition), because they (the client) wanted to save money, it can come back to bite you if you have to distribute the EPK in high def. That’s why as an agency we try to sit down and look at every possible outlet.”

All the panelists prefer email pitches:
David Naylor:
david [at]
Reba Merrill:
Rod Dovlin:
Mark Herzog:
info [at]
Craig Byrd:
Craig [at]
Brian Dzyak:
bjdzyak [at]